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Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women 2022 live speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.
Listed below are the March 2021 virtual speakers.




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Allyson is a singer and songwriter who found strength in singing songs with a story. From the age of four years old, she knew music would be her future. Allyson’s father used to pull her up on stage with him at open mic nights, cultivating her love for music and community. What started as a fun way to bond with her father, turned into a natural instinct to express her feelings which empowered her as a singer-songwriter. She blurs the lines between folk, country and pop music. Her diverse musical interests converge into a smooth, genre-bending sound that attracts the hearts and minds of anyone with a story to tell. She has had the opportunity to perform in various singing competitions, including Central Florida Idol, the Colgate Country Showdown, The Voice, and American Idol.


In 2018 Allyson is released her debut EP, Living Fearlessly, under the Hands in Motion music label directed by GRAMMY® award winning and Latin GRAMMY® award nominated pianist and producer, Lannie Battistini.

In addition to her music, Allyson is a wife and mother. She enjoys spending time at church and with her family.





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Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) where she has authored and co-authored several key programs. Her career highlights include overseeing several district programs including the Wellness/Employee Assistance Program, Customer Service Program, Schooling Nursing, and the Full Service Schools Plus Program.


Terri has also written and presented 100’s of team building and motivational workshops throughout the school system as well as the community. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology along with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She also has an extensive background in the Substance Use/Addiction Field. Developing strong and meaningful relationships is the foundation of everything she does, both professionally and personally. Terri is a mother of two, a grandmother of 8, and a great grandmother of 1. Married 15 years to her spouse, friend, and soulmate, she loves playing music, especially her 9 pieces black pearl drum set.

Terri admires strong, independent, and open-minded women and is happy to straighten their crowns when needed.



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April is an international speaker with a passion to encourage women to trust God regardless of the challenges this life brings. Her story of domestic violence, divorce, single parenting, adopting a special needs daughter, and spending over a decade in courtrooms battling for her family’s safety, provides testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness. During the rough patches in her life, April would say, “Where is God? This Not the life I signed up for.”


However, she never gave up on God or prayer. God gave her the vision to become an author and share her experiences in her book, “An Extreme God for an Extreme Life.” The book shares how she can see God’s goodness even while living an extremely unexpected life. April believes you can be a mighty faithful woman of God, not in spite of, but because of the waves that come your way.

You may not have signed up for the life you are living, but God can use the very obstacles meant to take you down to transform you into the wise, strong, hopeful woman





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Lorna will be singing for the Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women, Divas Unveiled event this year. Ms. Pressley is the Associate Pastor of Grace & Hope Deliverance Ministries and is affectionately known as A.P. Lorna. She is a native of Jacksonville, FL, where she has served diligently in the ministry of music since her childhood. Mrs. Pressley received her Associate Degree in Theology from St. Thomas Bible College in May of 2004. Her anointed voice will simply blow you completely away. It is nothing short of magical! Lorna continues to mentor singers and musicians locally while displaying Godly character in every aspect of her life. She has made herself available to God and in return God has anointed her to teach & preach with clarity from the scriptures in a way that all ages and denominations can comprehend.

You do not want to miss the musical talent of Mrs. Lorna Pressley at this year's Sista 2 Sista: Women Empowering Women event. We look forward to seeing you there.





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A native of Jacksonville, Florida is a wife, mother, grandmother and an anointed prayer warrior, teacher, and preacher. Humbled by the call of God upon her life and passionate about her purpose, which is to encourage, educate, equip, and empower through Word of God.


She is a member of the Southside Church Of God In Christ, where she is a Sunday School Teacher, Altar Ministry Worker, Intercessory Prayer Warrior, and Bible Study Coordinator. She also gives leadership on the District and Jurisdictional levels to the Missionary Circle.

In 2013, she founded Prevailing Power Ministries, Inc., an outreach ministry, whose mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower individuals to live successful, victorious lives God’s way. In 2017, Evangelist Foreman retired as the Chief Administrative Officer for Operation New Hope, Inc., a non-profit in Jacksonville, FL that provides home-ownership opportunities for low- to-moderate income families and workforce development reentry services to those transitioning from the criminal justice system. She founded TF Consulting LLC, which provides business
consulting services to small to medium size organizations in the areas of accounting, leadership development, operational planning, program development and management, and strategic planning.

She possesses a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Accounting from the University of North Florida, MBA from the University of Phoenix, M.Th from Liberty University, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Accounting from Capella University.

Evangelist Foreman attributes all successes to God, her grandmother the late, Mother Katie Albritton, family, and church family.